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I'm afraid of americans - Lograh — LiveJournal

Thursday, 06.Feb.2003

17:39 - I'm afraid of americans

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So, I load up IE to go check my website's control panel (it's being sluggish on Phoenix and I'm wondering if IE would handle it any better), and my default home page with IE is the msn.com main page because I'm too lazy to bother changing it. They are running a little web-poll of the state of the union, and I'm figureing "hell, I'm bored and easilly distracted, sure I'll take it!".

Oh my goodness, I have *GOT* to get out of this country. I'm afraid, very very afraid of the people around me. If this poll is at all accurate, I'm surrounded by nothing but hateful war-mongering simpletons. They said that the test was taken by NBC as well as this online version, and the numbers roughly agree.

In short, about 60% of all US citizens want to go to war with Iraq regardless of UN backing. They belive that Iraq poses a real threat and we need to get our allies behind us and go bomb that country off the globe as soon as possible.

This is why Democracy scares me. It's not majority rule -- it's mob rule. The masses are idiots. They are easilly swayed by those in power and in control of the media. They are ever willing to belive whatever soundbites are spoon fed to their meager minds.

They scare me. Deeply.


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Date:10:33 07.Feb.2003 (UTC)
That's the problem, though - the media has (in my opinion) underminded the democratic system. For course, I dont agree that everyone should has voting rights in the first place, but then I sort of half-reject the system as is (as we once discussed before).
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