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d00d, my 5p34k-N-sP3ll has more personality! - Lograh — LiveJournal

Monday, 03.Feb.2003

7:46 - d00d, my 5p34k-N-sP3ll has more personality!

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so, I just did my federal income tax return. what a pain. No matter how easy they make it, I'll still complain that it'd be nice if it would just be done right in the first place. grr.. "if this is correct, press one" <beep> "You have indicated the last entry was correct, if this is correct, press one" <beep> "Are you sure the correctness of the last entry was correct? If so, press one" <beep><beep><beep><beep>

Yeah, I'm not feeling the love on this one.

On another note, I'm transferring da gazebo to a new server. If y'all have any files on it you may want to back them up. I'll try to be sure I get everything, but I may overlook one or two. I'll not futz with the dns 'till I get the filestructure re-created, though, so the name should work fine throughout. Macklinr: email me that script so we can test out the gp lib install on the new servers.

Which leads me to note I've found a new (well, new to me at least) ftp program called FileZilla. This thing rawks. The interface is one of the nicest I've seen yet, and it's the only one I've found that will do multiple transferrs at the same time. That and the keep-alive feature is kinda cool. Keeps the server from disconnecting me whilst I select 50 something files for transferr. This thing's sleak, small, lightweight and well-written. Me loves the sourceforge.

Speaking of lightweight things, I've been talking up the idea of dieting with some people (like the lead-in I used there?). I'm overweight, no matter how you slice it, and could stand to loose a few pounds from just about every number I've gotten from any scales I've used lately. Even the most kind of them said I had about 10 pounds to loose (the meanest saying something closer to 20). Normally such a small ammount wouldn't cause much concern, but it's a *bad* 15 pounds (I'm averaging) that I have to get rid of. They've been hanging on me for far too long now (think years), and I can feel it when I try to be active, or climb stairs, or basically use my body for anything other than sitting. I need to get in shape, and I'm thinking some sort of diet-thing may help. If nothing else it will give me a framework to form more healthy eating habits, which is really what I need to do but I just don't know how.


Date:11:39 03.Feb.2003 (UTC)
Keep in mind that dieting isnt the best way to lose weight. Ask yourself, if you cut back on certain foods and types of foods, can you maintain that pattern of eating forever? If not, you may possibly just gain the weight back which may result in a loss of morale on your part, which can have a worse effect on your health than being a little overweight. I point to the CNN article recently that I quoted (btw, we know they are a dubious news source, but hey!) which states that its healthier to be a little overweight, but in decent physical (read muscular) shape and health, than allow our bodies to gain and lose weight in a pattern, which supposedly puts more strain on our hearts...in other words, be safe man! For instance, I simply cut back on drinking sodas. I used to drink 4-5 sodas a day. Now I drink juice instead (oj, grapefruit). I get less calories, less carbonation (good for digestion, teeth) and Ive lost about 25-30 lbs now just from doing that and nothing else. I still eat all kinds of fatty food n stuff... :-) (down from 218 to about 190 or so, and dropping)
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