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happy fun song.

Yup, a lyrics post. cut-tagged so those of you who think these posts are pointless can skip over it with ease.

One of the things that make this song great is the upbeat happy style it's sung in. It's a quick little song, and if you weren't paying any attention to the words, you'd think it's celebrating the greatness of Pepsi. Upon closer inspection, though, you find the words are a little less enthusiastic about the world around us.

Greatest Taste Around, by Negativland.

I got fired by my boss
I nailed Jesus to the cross
Powdered mashed potatoes in the cubbord for three years
Alcoholic husbands driving frantic wives to tears
Poor old widow's house burned down

Tractors plowing down the hills
Gas based stench of puppy mills
Sheets with stinking Urine, Bloody shards of glass
Mud flaps burned by *something*, Drunkards passing gas
Children dieing of disease

Leading helpless teens astray
I can't find the strength to say
Medicated ointment being spread on painful rash
old outdated software getting thrown into the trash
Everything still tastes the same

if anyone knows I messed up parts of this, please correct me. I can't find them online and it's hard to hear them during some parts.

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