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farscape - Lograh — LiveJournal

Friday, 31.Jan.2003

9:19 - farscape

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so, is anyone hosting it this week? As usual, people are welcome to swing by my place after about 7ish, and we can hang out afterwards doing whatever comes to mind (games, talk, movies, whatever), but I'm down with going to someone else's place also.


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Date:10:23 31.Jan.2003 (UTC)
I can be there after 7ish, but if plans change, can someone please call me? I leave work at 11:15 and probably won't have the opportunity to go online for the rest of the day.
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Date:11:11 31.Jan.2003 (UTC)
I was speaking of Ryan's place, since I assumed there will be role-playing at Elligory's.
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