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gah - Lograh — LiveJournal

Monday, 27.Jan.2003

17:22 - gah

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42 CDs burned
14 GB ftp'd to another computer

Important data backed up, system ready to re-install.

I'm certain I'm forgetting a few GB here and there.. oh well, hopefully I'll be able to reconstruct it.

On the plus side, the bookstore here has a pretty good deal on USB keyfobs! I think I'll pick one up today before I head out.


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Date:17:27 27.Jan.2003 (UTC)
damn, just thought of an entire directory I didn't get yet. 8GB, and I'm not going to bother trying to save it. I'll just reconstruct it as-needed.
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Date:17:42 27.Jan.2003 (UTC)
found 9GB more I have to ftp off to yet *another* computer. this stuff can't be lost.

damn, seems like this will never be done!
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