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Well, it finally happened. My XP system here crashed. Yes, it's fully patched up (as of yesterday, in fact). Yes, my virus scanner is fully updated (as of Wednesday). Yes, Microsoft sucks ass.

Yes, WinXP is now in the process of crashing on me. It's being a slow process, though, so I am able to use what little life it left in it to backup my shit to CD.

It's weird, though, how it's doing it. Explorer works enough to launch programs from the desktop, but not open some folders that reside there (the "My Computer" link being one particularly annoying example). The "Start" menu works, but no context menus work *anywhere* (make a right-click, and you've doomed that app to "not-responding" status).

So, that system is just sitting there running nero burning CDs of data that I'm not going to leave behind no matter what, while I try to limp along and do some work on this other system.


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