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The good, the silly, and the VERY ugly! - Lograh — LiveJournal

Monday, 14.Jan.2002

8:27 - The good, the silly, and the VERY ugly!

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Here, once again, is your morning news review. I think I'll be doing these as often as I can remember to. We'll shoot for a daily thing.

Mars Odyssey finished braking, now starting on science mission. YAY!

MTV announces an entertainment PC. Which is what we all use them for, anyways.

Just what the world needs, a bigger SUV. Not for the weak of heart.


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Date:11:36 14.Jan.2002 (UTC)
Granted, my appologies. I should have been more clear in my note.
I do, however, maintain that it would be a lot less ugly if it wasn't so huge or used so much gas. While I agree that scientific research is of the utmost importance (hell, I place it higher than most people I know), I cannot see something so massively destructive as being necessary for the performance of such research.
It is important to study the land, but need we destroy it in the process?
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