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ugpha - Lograh — LiveJournal

Wednesday, 22.Jan.2003

10:03 - ugpha

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my teeth hurt.
My domain isn't responding (server must be down)
I need to find a new host for da gazebo (this task hurried by the current "down" state)
my teeth hurt
I need to finish two large projects before school starts
school starts next monday
my teeth hurt
I'm not sleeping well (because my teeth hurt too much)
my co-worker called in sick today.
my teeth hurt.

I honestly, wholeheartedly, hope that everyone out there is having a better day than I am.

Current Mood: pain


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Date:11:01 22.Jan.2003 (UTC)
Well, I still feel ill for this weekend. I have to still deal with the website from hell that I started working on with the understanding of a promotion that didn't pan out but the owner wants me to continue working on for (effectively) free. I kinda of want to vomit a bit. And the world's most annoying co-worker just walked in (thought at this point I can kind of tune him out).

And I do hope that you have a better day then you are right now.
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