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what sucks the most... - Lograh — LiveJournal

Friday, 17.Jan.2003

7:28 - what sucks the most...

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...about getting your wisdom teeth pulled this late in life is the problems associated with their size.

Looking at them on the X-Ray, it is obvious that they are easilly the largest teeth in my mouth. They had *HUGE* roots! As a result, their roots were pushing my sinuses out of shape and the nerve that runs along my jaw was having to curve around them.

These both cause problems when you get yer teeth pulled in that my jaw nerve got rubbed a bit during the process and I now have very little feeling in my lower teeth and my chin/lip are tingly and somewhat numb. My sinuses, as well, did not escape damage and I cannot sniffle without pain from where they got hurt by the extraction.


And yes, I'm at work today.


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Date:7:53 17.Jan.2003 (UTC)

Ouch, icky, and yikes.

I had my wisdom teeth out years ago (three times) (meaning first one tooth, than another, and then two. It's better to get them all yanked at the same time.) and I know how much it hurts! I can't imagine having sinus pain on top of it@!!!!@#@!#!@!#@!

Get better soon!
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Date:11:03 17.Jan.2003 (UTC)


That sucks wet turtles.

Can't you go home. Tell them to *bleep* off and go and sedate yourself into bliss??
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