Lograh (lograh) wrote,


So, today I got my wisdom teeth all pulled out.

All in all, the process was painless. I went under 100%, and my first clear memory after being knocked out is being driven home in the mahdi's car.

Now, however, I am in pain. I have pain killers that were prescribed, and they are working somewhat. I still feel it, though. The more I move, the more I hurt. Every single step sends shock waves reverberating through my jaw.


I think I'll be good enough to actually go into work tomorrow, though. This is a good thing considering I got 4 emails from work today (yes, they all knew I was getting my teeth pulled) and it would seem that all sorts of shit is hitting the fan early next week if I don't get stuff done. Can't get stuff done if you're taking the day off. :( I'll save the final decision for tomorow morning, but I'll likely go in. Sadly enough, I'm in one of those situations where if I don't do it it *wont* get done.
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