Lograh (lograh) wrote,

game night review

It started innocently enough with a game of Tile Chess between macklinr and myself. Near the end, tobin showed up and watched me get my ass handed to me on a platter. ox_number_10 had been watching all along, learning the game through a mixture of our moves and occasional explaination for the reasoning behind them.

I don't like that game. Never really have, and macklinr knows that, but I can at least tolerate it more than Nightmare Chess (which is what he also wanted to play but I knew I simply wasn't up for it).

After I got trounced in Tile Chess, we decided to break out Starfarers of Catan and played a DAMN CLOSE 4 player game on the board with the 5-6 player expansions included. Thus there was not as much cut-throat competition and we were able to each persue our own methodology for interstellar growth. Macklinr unfortunately had to leave early due to time constraints, which was really lame because at that point he was in the lead by 2 points over second place and he also had the furthest-out colony/spaceport and was set up for a sweet run on the final third of the game. After he left, the rest of us slowly climbed up the points chart, sometimes in a three-way tie sometimes spread one point behind one another. Eventually Tobin managed to take the win, though, with Ox#10 only 1 point behind him and myself bringing up the rear at 3 points behind.

Easilly one of the best games of Starfarers I've ever played in. I look forward to perhaps playing it again soon.

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