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well, isn't *that* special? - Lograh — LiveJournal

Tuesday, 14.Jan.2003

8:24 - well, isn't *that* special?

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I found out yesterday that one of my long-time friends is haveing an engagement party this weekend.

Moreover I find out that it's been planned for quite some time now. For some reason, though, I don't remember being told or invited or anything.

Is it their fault? I don't think so. Will it be a lot of people I don't know? It's mostly the familly of the person who my friend is marrying, so yes. Would I have a fun time if I did go? Not overly likely. Do I really, really want to go? Yes, most certainly.

Can I go? No.

This sucks. Not knowing to keep the weekend open, I've scheduled having my wisdom teeth pulled this Thursday and I'm working my other job this Saturday. As a result, rather than going to the party and congradulating them, I'll be standing in a store trying to sell games to people while I'm high on Vicadin.



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Date:10:42 14.Jan.2003 (UTC)


that sucks!!
I think what happened is that you slipped through the hole.

If you remember we asked for your snail mail addy, you didn't know the zip or something, and not realizing that we didn't get it later, I didn't do a follow up. Elli's sister, who is handling all of the mailings, didn't send you one, I am sure, cuz she didn't have an addy!!

phvck . I have an invite on my entryway at my house just waiting for you to come over and me go "OH! did you get one of these?"

Dude, I am so sorry that you fell into a crack. What is worse is that Elli and I have been talking about getting ahold of you to do some camera work for us at the "Engagement Party" and "wedding" .

so I feel like a toad, and I am sorry.

If you want to come to the party on Vicadin, I would love to have you. High or no.

..end of line
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Date:10:54 14.Jan.2003 (UTC)


Yeah, but there's also the other problem of me working Saturday. Had I known to ask for the day off ahead of time it wouldn't be an issue, but unfortunately I'm one of the only people who can work that day. Two of the people who normally could do it instead of me are going to be off on vacation, and the only other person who could do it is allready doing 40 hours that week, so he can't take my hours. I've allready tried getting out of it when I first saw it on the schedule just on the reason that I'm not going to be mentally capable (high on vicadin) but was unable to find someone else to cover it for me.

No need to feel bad over it, as I made sure to point out: I didn't think it was your fault. We assumed that you probably didn't have our address, or perhaps it got lost in the mail, or any of a number of accidental occurances could have happened. I'm not mad in the least, and I don't feel slighted for not getting one. I just wished I had known when it was happening so I could have kept the weekend open in anticipation of getting an invite. Oh well. This weekend'll just suck serious ass.
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Date:11:12 14.Jan.2003 (UTC)
I didn't know it was this weekend until Ted asked if I was going to be there. I knew it was happening, but I thought it was in another month or two.
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Date:11:21 14.Jan.2003 (UTC)

Oh crap oh crap oh crap

So, you're both on the invite list. I even beat Aaron about the head and shoulders to get his address so that we could send an invitation...

We suck! It's all our faults! I don't know how your invitations didn't get sent, but my sister doesn't know either, so lame!!!!!!!!!!!!
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