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it's that time of the year again.. - Lograh — LiveJournal

Friday, 06.Dec.2002

10:52 - it's that time of the year again..

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Bah, christmas. If ever there was an example of mindless trend-following this has got to be it. The time when everyone gets the insane concept that gifts must be given for no real reason whatsoever other than the pure fact that everyone else is doing it.
I simply don't understand it. I mean, I understand the wanting to do something because it's a "tradition" and all that. And I can appreciate that people actually like to give gifts, I must admit it is a nice feeling. But when someone makes it clearly known that they don't want anything and in fact are actively against receiving something, they why would you go ahead and get them something regardless of this fact? If Person A gives you a list and on it they have listed items x,y, and z, you go out of your way hunting all over to find those items and give them to that person, right? So, if Person B gives you a list with only one item, and they say that they desperately have been wanting it for years, wouldn't you go out of your way to give it to them? Particularly if that item can be found anywhere? What if you didn't even have to leave your house, didn't have to spend any money, and didn't have to even go through the trouble of wrapping it?? Wouldn't you think that'd be the best damn situation possible? Who cares what the item is, if it's that easy to find and the person wants it that badly, what's the excuse for refusing to give it to them and instead give them something they don't want, like, or use?

I'm sorry, I'm just bitching. I know it won't have any effect. I know people will do what they want, and I'll just have to suffer the concequences. Maybe this year I'll actually be able to refuse. I almost did last year, but I didn't want to upset anyone. So instead I was the only one who had to get upset. This is really starting to grind on me, though. After so many years of having to see just how little people actually care about me and my concerns.


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Date:11:30 06.Dec.2002 (UTC)


I have no problem whatsoever with not giving you a gift, if that is your wish.

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Date:11:42 06.Dec.2002 (UTC)
This year, every gift I'm giving out is to a person who has helped me out.

In specific, with one exception, I'm referring to "Operation Reverend Retreval" that both you and Jason participated in, as well as Sasha and Elizebeth.

Only problem is that I'm no longer friends with Jason, so I'm not going to spend money on him. I also know you to be anti-gift, so I didn't plan on getting you anything (I did think about it for a second, and joked with myself that not giving you a gift is the best gift I can offer ;).

However, I am truly thankful for your help last year, and I haven't forgotten. I hope I've have expressed that before. My memory for detail is not what it used to be.
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Date:12:57 06.Dec.2002 (UTC)
me hand in my crown so they could give it to you
Is that why my hat doesn't feel like it's fitting right today? :)

Who burned me is my familly, mostly. The majority of my friends dont get me anything. Actually, those I consider dear friends haven't gotten me anything for a while, at least not seriously.

I have spoken with just about all my familly members about this on at least one occasion that I can remember (so there were probably one or two others that I've forgotten) and they came back with a mixture of "we don't care, we're going to get you something anyways" (when I ask them not to get me something), and "we do it because it's just what you do" (when I ask why we even bother celebrating Christmas when none of us are practicing Christians, and some are actively non-Christian).

you can go from [...] to [...] in 0.06 seconds
Did it really take that long? sorry, I think I'm comming down with something, I'm not as quick as I normally am. :)
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