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Monday, 02.Dec.2002

7:25 - yay

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They say that spam is killing email.

This is true.

I just got done adding 2 more major providers to my "killfile".

yahoo, hotmail, lycos, netscape, excite, and now msn and pacbell as well.

fun. much more of this and I'll just switch schemas to doing a whitelist for email instead of a blacklist.

I guess the only reason I'm really bothered by all this is because it didn't used to be this way. Email used to be a free exchange of ideas. It used to be that if you met someone, and they had an email address, you could just email them and know that your message got there. You didn't have to worry about it getting lost in the mass of spammail that they are also certainly getting. You didn't have to wonder if they remembered to add you to their whitelist by now or if your message got accidentally caught by their spamfilter and it's been deleted without their knowledge.


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Date:8:59 02.Dec.2002 (UTC)
That's why I like Spamassassin - a server-side filter that both me and Chunkbot fully support.
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Date:9:25 02.Dec.2002 (UTC)
While I agree with you, I have to say sub-quality tools are doing a good job of ruining e-mail. I always have to sift through my junk and spam folders before I purge.

So, I guess that brings us back to square one...

The delete button, and sorting.

So what's the point?
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