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LochJournal - Lograh — LiveJournal

Monday, 25.Nov.2002

15:17 - LochJournal

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has hereby been uninstalled from this computer. I appologise to anyone that actually had me on their friends list's default view.

fuckdamn that was tiresome to clean up.

Current Mood: aggravated
Current Music: "Thoughtless" by Korn


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Date:15:53 25.Nov.2002 (UTC)

It was funny

Like a wacky cloning project gone awry.
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Date:16:02 25.Nov.2002 (UTC)

Like, dude...

LochJournal posted one of my entries 8 times once. People w/Semagic were screaming at me.

So embarassing.

No more clients for me!
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Date:16:11 25.Nov.2002 (UTC)

Re: Like, dude...

I don't know how many times that one got done.. 15 probably? it was literally half of my "friends" view.. gah..

No more clients for me, either.
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