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this is - Lograh — LiveJournal

Monday, 25.Nov.2002

14:58 - this is

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post #300... just thought I'd share this phenominally unimpressive fact.

On the otherhand, I recently left my 1000th comment just a short while ago.. that's something, I guess...

Current Mood: feh


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Date:15:10 25.Nov.2002 (UTC)
Pick only one of these to be post #300 ;)

BTW, Chessjournal is now on post 207 as on a few minutes ago.
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Date:15:17 25.Nov.2002 (UTC)
fuckdamn it's amazing how quickly lochjournal can spam my friggin journal when connected at 10Mbs and I'm a paid member so I get the "fast" servers..

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