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hrmmm.. - Lograh — LiveJournal

Tuesday, 19.Nov.2002

9:02 - hrmmm..

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And what a spectacular failure that was.. BSOD on boot-up, couldn't do anything but go back to the command prompt. Real nice.

Good news: WinXP will let you shoot yourself in the foot if you do it through a command prompt.
Bad news: I shot myself in the foot. :)

okay, so the file was incompatible.. it was a long-shot anyway. At least I was able to replace it, though! And, I thought to make a backup beforehand if anything went wrong, go me! back to driver hunting...

Current Mood: meesoogeeki


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Date:12:13 19.Nov.2002 (UTC)

Going Old-school on its ass

You should just scream at it and beat it with a rock.
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Date:12:40 19.Nov.2002 (UTC)

Re: Going Old-school on its ass

I'm beginning to think that may be more effective.
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