Lograh (lograh) wrote,

. . .

So, I'm feeling down. life is not quite heading where I want it to, but it's avoiding where I don't want it to go, so I guess I should just be content with that and enjoy the ride. After all, life truly *is* suffering.

I want so many things right now.. This is, of course, the root of all suffering, and I recognise that. For some reason, though, it's being hard to let go of my desires right now. They are all so insistant, and pressing, but obviously unhealthy and should be avoided. In a way, it's a good thing that my life is not heading down those paths. This doesn't mean I should be particularly joyful, though. It's hard to say "yes, I know I shouldn't want that, and I know it's good that I don't get that" when you'd rather be saying "damnit I *WANT* that now!".


{on a side-note, not sure if I like this icon or not... we'll see}
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