Lograh (lograh) wrote,

dirty lenses

So, I wear glasses for looking at computer screens.. This is nothing new, I got them shortly after I got this job, as I now had eye coverage (yay!) and I had needed them for a number of years.

Problem is, they are now quite scratched.. That and I don't think I am covered for replacement lenses more than once every two years.. So, I get the joy of having to pay for their replacements out of my own pocket, as there is no way I'm going to suffer this hell for the next 6 months.

On a related note, I was cleaning my camera lens a few days back and I noticed a scratch on the glass. damn. I mutter to myself about being sloppy with the equipment and procede to try and clean it out a bit, hoping to reduce it's effects on the pictures.. After a few tries I discover it's not on the outside element. I figure I must be seeing something on the eyepice (that happens sometimes) and so I clean that off. It's still there. grrrr.. I pop the lens off the body and check the last piece of glass, it's okay. Mirror shows as being fine.. but I look at the front and I can still see the scratch.. After a bit more investigation, I finally find where it is.

It's on one of the FOCUSING elements!!!! AAARRRGGHHHH!!!!!!!

So, basically, it's there for good. I have no clue HOW it got there, but there it is. Luckilly, it doesn't effect the resultant image noticebly yet, so I'm still okay.. It's not a good indicator, though, when the inner glass in your lens is getting marks on it. On the plus side, in the course of my investigation I have looked at it enough that I'm no longer sure it's a scratch, but instead some piece of fluff or SOMETHING inside there.

Still sucks ass, though.

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