Lograh (lograh) wrote,

so anyways...

here I am hunting through my "phonebook" looking for a particular number (I _KNOW_ you've given me your number at least 5 times, Mahdi) and I'm struck with a passing thought:

I should order this thing.

now, some of you (the ones who don't know me) may be wondering what I mean by order it.. it is, after all, my "phonebook" and aren't those things somewhat ordered to begin with???

well, here's where those cute little quotes up there come in.. what I call my "phonebook" is actually just a ziplock baggie with a sizeable pile (5cm at its thickest) of scrap papers tossed in it.. in no particular order.. there are also printed sheets of paper in there from times back when I was somewhat more motivated and attempted to type all those scraps of paper into some form of a sorted list.. those printed pages, however are at least 4 years old, though, and it is highly likely that not a single one of the numbers on them are accurate.. also, the scraps of paper that were used to make those lists are also still in this baggie, for redundancy purposes (loose one copy and I'm okay) -- I know, it's not usefully redundant if they are in the same bag, I never claimed this baggie was one of my more brilliant moments..

and people wonder why I never call.. I can't find any specific person's phone number when I need it!! and let's not even get started on the wonderous powers of recollection I am blessed with.. the only thing wonderous about them is the fact I can manage to remember my name half the time (but not much more)..

so back to the case at hand: my inadequate, useless, amazingly historical baggie I call "my phonebook".. I get to thinking about ideas of how I could improve on the design, make it an actuall book for instance, but then I'm stuck with the fact that I've tried just about _everything_ else there is there to try.. they all prove to be either worse than my baggie method (if you can belive that is even possible), or at the very best equally useless.. I had a little book that I carried around with me, and put numbers in, at one point -- it worked for a few months and then accidently got tossed out as it was too small.. I had a day-planner at one point -- I forgot to enter things in it, and forgot to check it (thus reducing it to a glorified notepad/phonebook) and it was too big for me to carry with me, so I never had it when I needed to get someone's phone number.. I have gone through 2 different electronice organizers -- while I like them and actually have used them the most, battery death is a terrible thing and it usually takes me about 3 months to get around to buying a replacement..

so you can see, I'm kinda stuck using the baggie.. this does not help me try to find anyone's phone number.. I'm certain I _have_ the number (it's in there SOMEWHERE) but I'm equally certain that there is no chance in all the eternity of multiverses that I will _ever_ find it..

this gives me a finer appreciation for the challenges faced in computer science when attempting to sort a non-homogenious highly-linked list in any useable manner..


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