Lograh (lograh) wrote,

wellsfargo is lame

remember that bounced cheque from about a week or so ago? well, the dust has settled, and here are the charges associated with bouncing a cheque.

10/09/02 ... RETURN ITEM FEE ... $5.00
(this one went straight to my checking account the instant the cheque bounced)
10/11/02 ... TRANSACTION*FINANCE CHARGE* ... $10.00
(there was an outstanding charge that had to come out of overdraft protection, this was the charge for it)
10/10/02 ... TRANSACTION*FINANCE CHARGE* ... $10.00
(yup, another outstanding charge, 10 bucks charge per use of overdraft protection)
10/14/02 ... CASH ADVANCE ... $5.48
(guess what, since I used overdraft protection at least once this month, there's an additional charge for that at the end of the month!)

damn.. far more in charges than I expected. I'm really going to start looking at other banks now and compare. Anyone have any suggestions?

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