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100 things.

Some of these, some people may already know. I'm posting this for those who don't yet know.. For anyone other than people I care about, this is the most you'll ever know, cherish this moment. So what if some of this stuff is pretty basic, I'm not about to get overly personal here.

00 My eyes have been known to change colours -- the joy of "Hazel" eyes.
01 I actually spend a lot of time on my website, and take care to make the design look like what I want from it (that plain-text format is on purpose).
02 It actually bothers me a lot more than I let on how everyone ridicules it simply becuase it's not as flashy as theirs.
03 I like tea. A lot. I feel like my tea collection is lacking if I have less than 8 differant types.
04 I'm not an alcoholic. Really, I looked it up in the DSM-IV, I don't meet the requirements.
05 In spite of this fact, I still have quite the collection of alcohol. Honestly, I like the taste.
06 I haven't had meat (other than fish) for over 10 years.
07 I quit for reasons of taste alone. Not religious, health, morality, spirituality, or anything else. It just doens't taste good to me.
08 I consider myself rather overweight. 180lbs at 5'9".
09 Most of the people I consider friends, I have known (as friends) for over 7 years.
10 I have email archived dating back to 1997.
11 Earlier is lost simply because I was stuck with a dial-in shell at that time and didn't know I could ftp/zmodem my mailbox down.
12 I ran a BBS out of my room for a short time about 10 years ago.
13 It was a Citadel-style BBS (look it up, I'm not about to describe it here).
14 It started out, however, running Spitfire software -- a Menu-style BBS system -- for about a month or so.
15 It was on the first Intel-based computer my parents got me -- a hand-me-down 286 from my dad.
16 I learned programing on the first computer my parents ever got me.
17 The language was Basic (with very minor ammounts of machine code tossed in) on a Vic20.
18 I was about 6~7 years old.
19 I have always known I want to study Mathematics.
20 I have also known that it is unlikely I'll get a job that uses it.
21 One of my mom's boyfriends (after the divorce) saw I had talent and home-schooled me up through Calculus.
22 I was in about 4th grade at at the time.
23 This is why I have so much trouble tutoring lower math, I can't remember learning it.
24 I have always had troubles doing homework in Math.
25 My Geometry teacher in HS actually skipped over me when he was handing out homework sheets -- he knew I wouldn't do it anyway, so why bother giving me one.
26 I competed in Mathletes for two years in High School.
27 I was almost allways part of the group that tried the "any subject" problem.
28 I took the last SAT test they offered before it was changed to the new format.
29 Not because that was the right time (it was a little early for me), but because the new format scared me.
30 Luckilly, it was also the last SAT accepted for proof of elgibility to join MENSA -- I got high enough.
31 Though I could be a member (and was for a little while), I am not because I don't want to associate with those people.
32 This fact doesn't come out often unless someone tries pulling intelligence into an argument ("I'm right because I'm smarter than you" types).
33 I truly love playing the game of Chess. I don't care much if I win or not, but I love the challenge of a good game.
34 I actually preferr loosing, I feel I learn more from those games.
35 I have heard a story of my parents playing chess beside me when I was a baby.
36 It claims the first time I reached out for a piece, it was a knight and I made a legal move with it.
37 At one point, long ago, I was actually a fairly decent speller.
38 I've actually been in a spelling bee, back when I was in elementary school.
39 My favorite Girl Scout cookies are the "samoas" -- I think that's their name.
40 I bought over two cases of them last time they were on sale -- our freezer was PACKED with small purple boxes.
41 I was short in Elementary school -- but fast.
42 One of my friends and I would race eachother on a regular basis.
43 We were among the fastest 5 kids in the school.
44 I was, for a short while, involved in finding and selling information.
45 This, too, was back in Elementary School.
46 Someone still owes me from back then (not like I'll ever get it, it's just funny I remember this).
47 The only time my dad tried punishing me for bad grades was when he took everything except my bed out of my room.
48 Yes, he even took my dresser. I had to go to his room to get my clothes for the day.
49 On my next report card, my grades were even worse.
50 We sat down and talked about it and he agreed to give me everything back, I agreed not to fail.
51 Two of the passing grades I got in those courses, I honestly didn't earn them and I knew it.
52 I did, however, promise not to let those teachers down and I haven't gotten below B in those subjects since then.
53 My parents got me a hand-me-down car when I turned 18.
54 It was the only car I've ever had, a 1982 Toyota Pickup. They thought having it would motivate me to learn to drive.
55 It didn't.
56 I didn't get my license till I was 21.
57 Did I mention, I'm stubborn?
58 I failed the written part of the test 9 times before finally passing it -- wasn't motivated to study.
59 I got a perfect on the behind-the-wheel part.
60 The person who recorded the score in the computer took the time to verify with the tester that it was legit, as he almost _never_ gave perfect scores.
61 I flirt a lot.
62 It's all recreational flirting, though. I rarely mean to actually follow up on any of it.
63 Though I may make a lot of kinky referances, I'm actually quite tame sexually.
64 It has taken me over 3 hours so far to get to this, the 60th item typed.
65 I was born/baptised Catholic.
66 My mother stopped taking me to church when the curch kicked out my parents for getting a divorce.
67 I have read 6 of the books in the bible (and still reading more).
68 I have also read various other religious texts.
69 Twice I have been turned down when I asked someone to date me because I "don't belive in god".
70 I actually do belive in god, I just refuse to worship him.
71 I have experimented with Magik.
72 I taught someone else who wound up doing it better than I did.
73 My religion is my own mish-mash of what I've found.
74 I have ran through large areas dense with daisies, and left no footprints.
75 I didn't realize this, someone else had to point it out to me.
76 I was an outfielder in Little League for one year.
77 I was in cub scouts for a short while.
78 I did not get a single non-academic badge (that I can remember)
79 I quit becuase I was constantly harrased by the other members in my group about this fact (this I do remember).
80 My mom says that she used to have to force me to put down the books and go play outside when I was a kid.
81 I still have all my wisdom teeth. Though I admit they do have to come out.
82 I have started learning German.
83 I am trying to continue this, as I hope to move to Germany some day, though I'm not getting very far.
84 My glasses are so scratched up, my vision is almost better without them than with them.
85 Yes, I did get the scratch-resistant lenses.
86 I have an entirely unattainable crush.
87 I did Science Olympiad once in High School.
88 I have dressed in drag.
89 I would do it again, it wasn't too bad.
90 I have had a "one night stand" -- though we didn't actually have sex (damn near everything else, though)
91 I barely knew her name then, can't remember it at all now.
92 I love music.
93 I have over 300 CDs, and over 4GB of MP3s (all legal) with no duplication between the two.
94 I feel vinyl is the best medium for music.
95 I have learned the basics of DJing, and have actually done fairly well at it sometimes.
96 I love to work back-stage on plays and at conventions.
97 I was once underneath a stage repairing it while there was a performer putting on a show on it.
98 I was stuck on-stage (hiding behind a couch) during a play once. Had to wait out the scene there.
99 I left off a lot of stuff I felt far too personal for something like this.

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