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any of you remember the old dos-based game of Star Control? - Lograh — LiveJournal

Wednesday, 31.Oct.2001

7:37 - any of you remember the old dos-based game of Star Control?

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I had almost forgotten about it, but then recently for some reason I have had an inkling to play it.. so I do a google search for precurssors, star, and game and behold -- a few links down (not many) is a Star Control fan site..

I hop on over to it and discover that it's got a lively fan base even today, and they are trying to hack together a free version (under the Gnu licence).. there are modified ships that people are making themselves, music files of remixes of the theme music, cheats, strategy guides, all sorts of stuff..

but one of the more interesting links was the Star Control Astrology site.. http://www.sites.net.au/sca/sca.html is the url, and it's only of interest to people who actually remember the game..

which leads me to the question of: anyone still have it? I'm looking to get a copy of Star Control 2 online ($15 and you download the files), but I can't find a copy of Star Control (the first one) anywhere.. I remember that someone in the group had it, I think it was Greg, but I can't be certain..

anyways.. just a note for those who remember that game..

oh, and if you are interested, http://www.classicgaming.com/starcontrol/ is a _huge_ fan site, they've got links to just about anything related to Star Control on there.. they even have a poll going about which of the Pkunk jibes is the most insulting..


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Date:13:58 31.Oct.2001 (UTC)

Re: I do.

I love you, man..

1,2, and 3! although the general online concensus seems to be that 3 sucks ass, but still, it'd be nice to look at to decide for myself..

it just dawned on me, I don't belive I have your email.. I was going to email pick-up/payment negotiations to you, but that's not going to work.. drat.. I'll call you.. I think I might have your number at home (you've only given it to me, what, 5 times now? hehe)..
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