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this sucks.

No, I mean: This TRULY sucks.

So, when last we left our subject, he was told that he had to get the Department Chair to sign an add slip so that he can pay for and add a course he needs to take (which is only offered once every other year) to get his MA. Well, as we all know, this poor fellow rarely gets to take 15 minutes off during the day (much less the 1.5 hours he is supposed to get) because things have been a tad on the busy side these past few months (first because there's just too damn much to do and second because his co-worker took a month off) and so he today (now that his coworker is back and things are slowing down some) he finally got the time to go get that signature.

Only to find out that it is a day too late. Had he went for it yesterday, no problem. Now, however, there is no way. The final deadline was last night at seven (he didn't get off work till 7:45).


So, basically, because I have been too busy working for the university to get the stupid piece of paper signed, I now cannot get it signed and there is no way I can take the course they initially said that I can take. I had the form filled out, got the permission to leave work for the hours of the class, got the book and started attending class (almost showing up late most days because I'm in the middle of a project when I leave for class) and have one of the highest grades so far in the class (damn near perfect on every quiz). But I can't take it because I've been busy doing my job.

Well, I'm going to try to see if the dean can slide me in under the rules here anyway. Not likely, as he is a stickler for these kinds of things, but it is at least worth trying. Of course, there's also the problem of even if he signs it anyway the admin folks can still overrule him and say they won't do it becuae it's past the deadline.

Damn. This really sucks.

Now I've got the problem of timing. I'll not be able to take this course untill 2 years from now, and that will put me right up against the edge of the 7-year deadline for completing the MA program. Only being able to take one course a semester (see above re: working a lot) means I was already going to be taking 4-6 years instead of 2-3. This delay doesn't help the situation any.

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