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(aol-voice) "You've got hackers!" (/aol-voice)

I get a message from the network guys "We've shut down your server's network port because it was launching a DoS attack against the world, give us a call at xxxxxx."


I run over to the box, start looking through it and I find that it's been hacked for a month now, running a rogue FTP server (at least 10 different movies uploaded so far, all of them crap) some hacker installed. I also find about 5 or so random services I don't recognise.

So, an hour of housekeeping later, I call them up and have them turn it back on and it's not tried hitting anyone yet. Here's hoping I got it. Problem is, even if it is clean now, I did a hack job of it and I'll have to go back over it with a fine-tooth comb sometime this week to make sure it's good.

I'm not mad at all at the hackers, hell I used to be one and I view them as doing us a great service. I am pissed as all hell at Microsoft for making a system that is so dammn faulty and buggy that it is impossible to secure it properly. If this had been a unix box (I don't care what flavor) then securing it would have been a simple matter of just turning off the services you don't need and patching the ones you do, and a few other tweaks and you are good to go. Damn Fscking Microshaft Windoze isn't anywhere NEAR as easy to secure. Sure, you can streamline the services (I had), and you can update every bloody patch there is (I had), and you can follow all the basic security procedures and you are still WIDE OPEN!

My job would be so much easier if we weren't running Microsoft.

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