Lograh (lograh) wrote,

caramel popcorn

Hospitals smell funny. This is something I've accepted and come to expect from them.

For some reason, though, operating rooms don't. I guess this will have to fall in the "great mysteries of life" category.

So, anyways, I had to take some hours off this morning and go get my finger sliced open (why they make me use sick-time when I'm putting in over 10 hours of unpaid overtime per week is beyond me, but that's another discussion). The whole procedure was fairly quick and mostly painless (hell, entirely painless if you don't count the needle sticking the numbing stuff in me).

I am such a whimp, though. The doctor goes and sticks the needle into the sides of my finger (appearently it hurts less that way than if he were to stick it in the top) and injects the numbing stuff. It hurts a little but I'm doing okay -- untill I look. Then I see my finger's knuckle (the main one where it joins the hand) all swolen up because it's so filled with the stuff and I loose it. I get dizzy and I start getting nausea and I have to lay down and just concentrate on not looking.

About 20 minutes later and I can't feel my finger save for pressure and temperature ("different nerve fibers", the doctor gave for an explaination why), which is REALLY weird and provides me with about 5 minutes of entertainment while I wait for him to come in and get started cutting.

I kinda wish I had thought to use my camera for the procedure. I could have just held it up and aimed in the general direction of the work (no way in HELL I'm watching that stuff live -- I'm a whimp, remember) and kept taking pictures every second or so. That way I would be able to go looking through them now and see what the thing looked like comming out of my finger.

I do know what it looked like once it was out, though: Caramel Popcorn.

Dead-on caramel popcorn. Lumpy, yellow-ish brown in colour. Mostly spherical.

Caramel Popcorn. I'm never eating that stuff again. Not too big an issue, though, as I almost never ate it to begin with (gets stuck in my teeth, and doesn't taste all _that_ good).

That numbing stuff he used is supposed to last 12 HOURS! So my typing is pretty much tossed out the window today. Plus, I've got this HUGE green bandage stuff on my finger now, making it wider than my thumb (easilly) and it gets in the way of everything -- not good when I can't really feel if I'm straining it, I could probably break it putting my backpack on and I wouldn't know. And the best part is, I won't know if the bandage is on too tight till the numbing stuff wears off!

Also, I have to keep that finger 100% dry for 3 days. Or, rather, I can't get it wet, I suppose sweat will have to be okay but no dunking it in water. Showers and washing my hands just became two very interesting propositions.

But wait, there's more! What I had in there is most likely a "Giant Cell Tumor" which isn't really much of a tumor and they are almost always benign, but are still damn annoying. Another wonderful trait of these beasties is that there is a very high incidence of them comming back, according to the doctor guy. So I get to look forward to this happening again sometime later on. Joy.


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