Lograh (lograh) wrote,

pew pew

I suppose I should make a mention of this.

Round about this time tomorrow, I’ll be getting shot at by lasers. It sounds so sci-fi saying it that way. Certainly more interesting than saying “I’ll be at the hospital getting my damn eyes fixed”. I mean, c’mon, fricking LASERS!!!


Am I nervous? Hell yeah. They say that if things go horribly wrong I could be left blind. Given I’ve never heard of a blind IT dude (and can’t really see how I’d make that work), that kinda means I’d have to go looking for a new career. Trying a job search in a field where you have ‘bout 20 years of experience (saying it that way makes me feel seriously old) is hard enough in this economy. Having to move to an entirely new field you have zero experience in would be order of magnitude more difficult.

So yeah, while the odds are in my favor and the chance for Bad Things happening is slim, keep yer fingers crossed fer me. Or at least think happy thoughts for me ‘round 11AM tomorrow. Thanks.

For the curious, I’m doing Wavefront/PRK.

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