Lograh (lograh) wrote,

ticking away, the moments . . .

So yeah, I feel I must apologize for the recent lack of activity. It’s not that I don’t love you all, I do. Nor that there has not been anything going on, there has.

I think it’s really more of a question of “do I really want to invest the time to properly explore this thought”? And sadly I find the answer is not in the affirmative. I feel rushed at work with too many jobs to reasonably get done in the allotted time, so I’m uncomfortable taking the time there to do this. And when I get home I’m frankly more interested in a number of other things rather than blogging my thoughts from the week. Perhaps that’s the issue, then? I’ll not try to pretend that I don’t *have* time, just that I have plenty of other things to do that are rather more interesting than complaining here. I’ve been doing Twitter updates, but they have left me wanting.

And I’m sure you’ve all enjoyed the lack of seeing my complaints. :)

But fear not, kind readers, for I have remembered that I do in fact have this account! And even better, I now have A System in place to help me keep records of my precious missives! It is something of an ongoing bummer to me to know that I haven’t any really good way to archive my earlier posts. This fancy new toy I’m using now only downloaded back to the end of March 2004. Given I started this braindump in July of 2001 that’s quite a few words that are missing. We could certainly debate the quality of drivel that is absent, but that’s beside the point. What bothers me is that it is currently all locked up in LiveJournal and I haven’t found a satisfactory method for getting it out. And thus I was reluctant to add to the pile of lost thoughts.

But no more! For now I have decided to try using this new toy, and multiple services where the entries are sent, and through the power of automated backups it shall all remain as intact as my email inbox!!

Oh, speaking of email, it would seem ten years ago there was a social for the college radio station being planned. As well as a dinner for the German Club, and a friend of mine and I decided that we’d forego our weekly chess game in light of the impending finals we both faced.

It’s scary to think that it won’t be long before I can take this “ten years back” idea and start linking to relevant blog posts that might mention the event. But when you put it that way this is precisely why I want to start this back up as a regular thing. I like looking back at life and thinking on what I’ve done. I like to have some record reminding me of events and how I reacted at the time. My memory is damn near worthless so I need some sort of external reference. Other people have paper journals, but that never worked for me (I’ve tried a few). So electronic it is. Much like so many other areas of my life have been.

Ah well. Watch this space.

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