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BAH! // random - Lograh — LiveJournal

Saturday, 11.Jul.2009

14:27 - BAH! // random

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So all this past two weeks I've had these ideas for posts. Thoughts just bubbling up in the back of my head which I felt would be perfect for entries here.

I'm sitting here idly doing some work on a Saturday, I figure it's a great time to get some of these ideas down. So I load up a browser window and . . .



sigh. I'll set my email posting to not automatically go live, so I can use the emails as a kind of 'drafts' thing (if that's even possible).


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Date:22:48 11.Jul.2009 (UTC)
I know that feeling well. Especially of late.
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Date:22:53 11.Jul.2009 (UTC)
today's been real bad for me. I've at least three times thought of something I should do / want to post, and I'd load up the appropriate application and totally forgot what it was I was loading that app for and just quit it.

writer's block to the extreme!

and turns out there isn't any 'drafts' area yet so I'll have to email the messages to myself and just kinda bounce them around in my inbox while working on them.
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