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So tired! // consumerism - Lograh — LiveJournal

Friday, 19.Jun.2009

19:13 - So tired! // consumerism

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So, yeah. Straight from the phone to YouTube. Kinda cool. Expect
more poor quality drivel forthcoming in that area. I can totally see
myself using this during my roadtrips.

In retrospect, I suppose I didn't have to wander to the local AT&T
store at 3:26 this morning, given I was first of only four people in
line when they let us in at 6:30 (way early, which was totally nice of
them and unexpected by all of us). It was nice to be able to go to
work 'on time' though, even though I had arranged the whole morning off.
Getting to chat with a real cutie for the last half hour was a
pleasant experience as well, of course. She had the cutest knitted
hairband with a knit flower on one side which complemented her hair/
face perfectly. Turns out she had made it herself. But I digress.

Auto focus, finally! And the whole 'tap where you want to focus'
thing is kinda nice. Not exactly how I would have done it, though.
And the auto-exposure ties to the area focused on. Again, not how I'd
have done it but there might be a hardware reason for this choice.

Being able to use the volume buttons on my headphone cable is nice

haven't found a use yet for the compass, and the voice-controll
didn't understand me two out of three tries so far.

And of course, it's all around snappier. Truly a big improvement,
this. I can't help but keep marveling at how much more usable the
keyboard is on this version. You tap a key, and the dang thing
responds right away. Words replace without the next 'keypress' being
at all delayed. Where long messages were previously a pain, I'm not
getting any of that from this model. So far I'd say this is probably
the biggest upgrade -- the one bump that will make the largest overall
improvement to the iPhone experience. And yet oddly enough, I didn't
see this noted in any of the reviews.


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Date:20:46 20.Jun.2009 (UTC)
Can we discuss your Iphone 3gs (and other iphone) experiences at length?

I've recently been seized with the urge to get one of these things. Besides the 'oooooh, SHINY!!' impulses (that have almost overwhelmed me over the last 24 hours) I do have a number of tech questions. And this doesn't include the 'can I sync the phone to a linux machine without doing a high dive into an eyedropper?' issue.

Edited at 2009-06-20 08:46 pm (UTC)
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Date:20:58 20.Jun.2009 (UTC)
Feel free to ask anything you might be curious about. I'd I know the answer, I'd happilly share with you.

Though I should note that I'm mostly a rather basic user of the device, so I don't know if I'd even have the answers you would be seeking.
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Date:21:10 20.Jun.2009 (UTC)

A bunch of topics pulled out of thin air and lack of caffiene

Trying to summarize:

a ) (work related) is the Safari on the iphone incapable of following links within a PDF? Tried that last night, and they wouldn't work. That specific issue (embedded PDF links viewed by mac/Safari/Preview) is what's started an in-work discussion, and a meeting I've been tasked to chair about non-MS browsers on our pages

b ) Synching with a linux machine -- I need to either get itunes working under emulation (reviews on this are mixed) or set up a windows VM on this machine, in order to manipulate the phone. This topic will require some discussion, and more than a little testing.

c ) Are there FTP and SSH clients? VI on the iPhone? Emacs? GCC? (ok, the last 3 are mostly a shits and giggles kind of thing. And I don't compile things anyway.)

d ) Not quite so shits-and-giggles'y ... (as I think of things) ... a python interpreter? That's one of the things on my 'I should learn that someday' list.

e ) How accurate are the talk time / standby time values quoted on the website? (I'm thinking of a 3gs model - not that an earlier one wouldn't be fun to play with, but I might as well

f ) what's the hardware longevity? (Of previous models, I know)

g ) Is there a way besides using itunes to funnel large files on/off of the unit? ...leading back to the FTP/SSH client question ... could I point the iPhone at an i.p., and funnel large files on and off of the machine as I wish?

More questions to follow, as my brain engages.
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Date:21:39 20.Jun.2009 (UTC)

Couple more ...

h ) If I set up a VM for itunes, can I point the music library across a windows networking share into my linux music library, and be reasonably sure that itunes won't try to mess with it, or copy all umpty-ump gigabytes over to its own internal storage? Can I still maintain/access the files on the linux side, and only use itunes when necessary for the phone?

i ) If I set up this VM in WinXP, then decide to set up a Win7 VM and upgrade -- how hard is it to copy the itunes library -- including purchased apps and music that ARE registered in itunes?

... And if you want to deal with my deluge of questions by phone or in person -- feel free to call or text.

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Date:21:03 21.Jun.2009 (UTC)
Or maybe I should bundle up these questions to send to the apple tech support number I picked up while shopping yesterday ...

tty in a bit
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Date:21:20 21.Jun.2009 (UTC)
Well, I'm not able to really answer these till I get back to work Monday, so I'm just waiting till then. Some things I have ideas about, but I wanted to be sure.

Most of what you ask Apple will say no, but if you are willing to jailbreak then it might become yes.
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Date:21:38 21.Jun.2009 (UTC)
... well that was a waste of time ... the tier1 iphone tech support guy couldn't escalate me until I gave him the serial number for my iphone ... which I don't have. Yay.

I'd rather avoid jailbreaking. Hoping that the things I'm looking for are existing apps. (SOMEONE has to have coded VI for iPhone ... it's on every other *nix that ever existed). I did find a reference to an app that will transfer files -- I assume through webDAV and/or Samba/Windows networking -- within a local network. That could be entertaining. The problem is, I can't really browse the app store until I have the unit, and i don't want the unit until I can check the app store.

The guy on the phone suggested I make an appointment with the arden store genius bar. *shrug* will see.
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Date:21:55 21.Jun.2009 (UTC)
You should be able to browse the AppStore just fine from any iTunes install, shouldn't need an iPhone just to look around.

Problem with running non-jailbroken apps is the sandbox. Sure, there are apps that will allow a computer to browse through a WebDAV connnection but you'll only be looking at a bare sandbox the OS makes for every app. Even of you did manage to upload a file, the VI app wouldn't likely be able to look at it for editing.

Jailbreaking is reasonably painless, and not only removes all those restrictions but also opens up many more types of Apps. The python, for example would be strictly against the AppStore rules but there might be an interpreter of it for jailbroken devices.
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