Lograh (lograh) wrote,

So tired! // consumerism

So, yeah. Straight from the phone to YouTube. Kinda cool. Expect
more poor quality drivel forthcoming in that area. I can totally see
myself using this during my roadtrips.

In retrospect, I suppose I didn't have to wander to the local AT&T
store at 3:26 this morning, given I was first of only four people in
line when they let us in at 6:30 (way early, which was totally nice of
them and unexpected by all of us). It was nice to be able to go to
work 'on time' though, even though I had arranged the whole morning off.
Getting to chat with a real cutie for the last half hour was a
pleasant experience as well, of course. She had the cutest knitted
hairband with a knit flower on one side which complemented her hair/
face perfectly. Turns out she had made it herself. But I digress.

Auto focus, finally! And the whole 'tap where you want to focus'
thing is kinda nice. Not exactly how I would have done it, though.
And the auto-exposure ties to the area focused on. Again, not how I'd
have done it but there might be a hardware reason for this choice.

Being able to use the volume buttons on my headphone cable is nice

haven't found a use yet for the compass, and the voice-controll
didn't understand me two out of three tries so far.

And of course, it's all around snappier. Truly a big improvement,
this. I can't help but keep marveling at how much more usable the
keyboard is on this version. You tap a key, and the dang thing
responds right away. Words replace without the next 'keypress' being
at all delayed. Where long messages were previously a pain, I'm not
getting any of that from this model. So far I'd say this is probably
the biggest upgrade -- the one bump that will make the largest overall
improvement to the iPhone experience. And yet oddly enough, I didn't
see this noted in any of the reviews.

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