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damn ducks // diversions

So yeah, I've been spending a number of hours playing the latest Orisinal game, Sunny Day Sky. Very fun, and quite challenging. Here's a breakdown for y'all, since it helps to know what's going on while you play:

you are a teddy bear on the lead car in a line of cars on the highway. Clicking the mouse will toggle the umbrella open or closed. When the umbrella opens, you'll get a boost upwards and start to drift down slowly, while draining your umbrella's power. Closing the umbrella while in the air will cause you to fall down more quickly. When your umbrella's power reaches zero it collapses and you fall and can't open the umbrella anymore until the power is refilled. The umbrella's power is refilled when you land on top of a car. Grabbing a cherry (as I'm about to do in the picture) will also refill your umbrella's power. Thus, to clear many cars at once, you will be closing/re-opening the umbrella many times while in flight, trying to manage your altitude so you can grab cherries and continue flying over cars.

But there are DUCKS!!! Those dastardly ducks. If one hits you, your umbrella collapses just as though it had reached zero power and you are falling. Also, the ducks become more frequent the more cars (total, not per jump) that you have passed. Early on, there aren't many ducks. after a few good jumps (or lots of shot ones) there are now lots of ducks -- good luck.

You get points for every car you fly over, as well as bonus points for landing a jump. The points per car are an even 10, the bonus points are additive based on how many cars you passed that jump. Jump over 2 cars you'll get 30 bonus points, jump over 3 you'll get 60, 4 gets you 100, and so on. Also, managing to land on a car with the umbrella open (called a 'soft landing') will double the bonus points you get from that jump.

Game is over when you fail to land on a car.

I less-than-three Orisinal. Easily the best casual games on the web. Quality art, music, and gameplay.
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