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Just got my SMUD (electricity provider) bill, some interesting tidbits:

only 12.41% of the total price is directly related to my electric usage
24.55% of the total is the monthly charge and taxes (though I suppose some small part of the taxes is related to my usage -- can't be much though considering the percentages of everything)
63% is optional hippy tree-hugging crap I've signed up for.

None of this was surprising, as I've known this is the situation for some time now. The impressive bit (and what lead to this post's title) is the following:
This month's usage: 41kWh
Last month's usage: 40kWh
Same month last year's usage: 41kWh

Damn. I must have totally slacked off on my conservation efforts this past year, given I haven't managed to reduce my usage any. At least I didn't use more, I suppose.

Kinda makes me curious just how much of that usage is related to the old 'fridge that is in the apartment. Just how much could I cut down my draw if I unplugged it and used a newer mini-fridge instead? I live alone and almost never have company, so it's not like I store much food in there.
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