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This life of leisure // a moment - Lograh — LiveJournal

Saturday, 04.Apr.2009

8:03 - This life of leisure // a moment

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I'm just sitting here on my papasan, sipping my coffee and listening
to 'Bricolage' (by Amon Tobin, think IDM gets tipsy one night at a
bar, meets Jazz, chats her up a bit, and then remembers her the next
morning). No worries, no stress. I don't have to fret about where my
next meal will come from (probably Bread Store, I like them). I'm not
being pressured to get a report turned in by yesterday. No flocks
need my tending, no soil needs my tilling.

Just a slow relaxing morning with no obligations on my time. So I
sit here, drink my coffee, stay warm under this blanket, and close my

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