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This person wrote an article that was picked up by the New York Times about alternative assistive animals. Here's the article, and it's pretty keen! I'm sure there are quite a few tidbits they are glossing over, but it's a good read. I never knew miniature horses were so much more useful as guide animals than dogs (though they can be more difficult to accommodate, obviously). Or that a parrot can be used to control the mood swings of a person who is bipolar with psychotic tendencies and is homicidal. So cool!

The other bit the article brings up is rather depressing. That many are twisting the system to say their pets are service animals without any legitimate task that animal performs, and are thus frauds giving real service animals a bad name in the public eye. And of course our overly reactionary government is now considering new laws to forbid all the useful alternative service animals simply to keep some fraudsters from being doo-doo heads. People can be so lame sometimes.
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