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Love loving downtown // mobloging - Lograh — LiveJournal

Tuesday, 30.Dec.2008

17:07 - Love loving downtown // mobloging

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On a quick break from gaming to run errands, I saw this protest.
Downtown is a great place to catch an impromptu protest.

Sadly, my knowledge of the events involving Palestine are limited. I
know where it is, and that there is an ongoing struggle there, but
beyond that I'm woefully under-educated.

Decent flag, though.


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Date:1:24 31.Dec.2008 (UTC)
Palestine doesn't exist anymore, at least not since the formation of Israel and Israel's invasion of the Palestinian territories. The protest is no doubt because Israeli forces are bombing the holy hell out of the Gaza strip (one of the Palestinian territories), lining up armor and troops for a ground invasion, and the hardliners in the Israeli government and saying they will crush all opposition to Israeli domination. Israel's actions are in response to Hamas, the political party that controls the Gaza strip, not renewing a cease-fire with Israel and Hamas or other militants launching rocket (read: home-made mortar and rocket grenade) attacks on Israeli villages on the border and illegal settlements.

There you go, current situation in a nutshell.
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Date:2:31 31.Dec.2008 (UTC)
Hamas claims that they were lobbing rockets (approx 100 of them a day) for 10 days or so because Israel would not lift the blockade they have had in place around Gaza. Israel said they would not remove the blockade because Hamas would not stop the rocket attacks (Hamas tends to kill other factions that disagree with them, so it's safe to say that Hamas is de facto in control of whomever is firing those same rockets).

After a several days of saying they would launch the attacks, the Israeli's did so.

It's a mess. As is usual with this bunch, there is no clear cut good guy/bad guy division.
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Date:6:18 31.Dec.2008 (UTC)
Yeah, I was a little contrite, didn't go over the deeper details.

As for Hamas, I don't think they quite have as much control as they like everyone to think they have. Even if Israel did make nice with Hamas (I know, when pigs fly), I think other militants would still be launching rockets or suicide bombing or what have you. With dozens if not hundreds of little home-grown militant Islamist groups popping up, you can hardly expect any group in power to control them all. Hell, Israel is pretty damn impressive, but even the Mossad can't control the actions of the Israeli settlers or keep the conflicts between the Mizrahi, Ashkenazi and the Sephardi down...

Its all a mess.
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