Lograh (lograh) wrote,

Diet stuff // dietary mobloging

So yeah, I had meant to post this earlier today but my dumbass self
forgot. So here it is.

Tuesday was a really hungry day, not sure what happened there.
Thursday would be the day I drove to work instead of taking the bus in
and walking home. Friday would have been much lower had I not gotten
a last-minute idea of eating a handful of rum balls. Saturday I had
this massive breakfast burrito that just kept me feeling stuffed all
day long.

I don't expect to be so far under budget again for the next few
weeks. Everyone's bringing in holiday sweets to work now, so I'll be
lucky to even keep on-budget. Down to 180 now, though! From being
roughly 185 just a little over two weeks ago, that's not too bad.

In related news, I've started trying out stevia. It's some plant
extract that is something like 100 times more sweet than sugar and has
no calories. I picked up some at the store yesterday and have started
trying it in my coffee. It is SWEET! Tastes slightly different from
sugar, too, but I think I can get used to it. Only takes one über
tiny miniscule scoop to adequately sweeten a 16oz mug of otherwise
black coffee.


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