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So yeah, I am of the opinion that I'm carrying around a few pounds of fat more than I absolutely need. And since I'm just not feeling the bike riding, I have to do something else. So, calorie counting it is! Thankfully there is a host of programs for the iPhone that can help track what you stuff in your face, so I don't have to rely on my crappy memory (or pens that don't write, or net access I don't always have, etc).

Thus I give you, week 1:

Yeah, Sunday didn't exactly work for the diet (not sure if it was the cake, or the rum balls, or the lack of exercise). Thankfully I was significantly under for the week up till then. And you can see Monday and Thursday were days I drove to work (this graph includes calories burned as negatives, pulling that day's total down). Monday I was also still settling in to just how many calories are in some of my usual lunch foods. I expect this week to be better, since I'm hoping to only drive in one day instead of two, and I know to avoid certain foods more now. I'll probably not be having ice cream on Friday, either, so that should help. :)

Yes, the daily budget is set kinda high. As I said, I'm only carrying around a few too many pounds, thus I don't have much I want to loose and so I can afford to be casual about it. Why am I posting this here? Because these kinds of things don't work well in a vacuum and I'm more likely to stick to it if I'm public about it. Don't worry, this shouldn't take long.
Tags: gastronomy

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