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Don't see that every morning // mobloging - Lograh — LiveJournal

Saturday, 15.Nov.2008

7:54 - Don't see that every morning // mobloging

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So, walking to the cafe this morning I noticed a helicopter buzzing
overhead rather slowly and kinda low. A few blocks later it's back
and even lower! I watch and it comes in just over the trees in a park
and sets down right there in the middle of J st.

Was kinda odd, watching as the copter just slowly settled down in the
middle of the street.


Date:17:14 15.Nov.2008 (UTC)
...the hell?
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Date:17:40 15.Nov.2008 (UTC)
you'll recall the large building at the corner of tenth and J? They are renovating the interior quite extensively. I suppose using a crane to lift the supplies is just too pasé for these folk.
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