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Yes, I'm a lemming. - Lograh — LiveJournal

Monday, 29.Jul.2002

9:24 - Yes, I'm a lemming.

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I actually went and paid for a year of this. gah.. Don't ask why, I'm not sure myself, but I did.

oh, and I changed my password also. My old one was "too easy to guess" according to Livejournal. Go fig, 10 characters, half of them 1337, and it was still "too easy to guess".



Date:11:07 29.Jul.2002 (UTC)
I think LJ has a new something or other set up so that if you haven't changed your password over a certain ammount of time, it alerts you. I'm just going to ignore it, because I like my password, and I can remember it, which is helpful!
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Date:11:27 29.Jul.2002 (UTC)
that could be. Some sort of attempt to enforce password ageing, I guess.

Oh well.
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