Lograh (lograh) wrote,

fuck the fucking fuckers // politics

So Monday, the house declined the bailout and the Dow dipped by, what, 750ish? It recovered some of that Tuesday and Wednesday, though. Now, Friday, the house approves the porked version of the bailout the senate sent to it, and the president signs it, and the Dow looses all it gained since Monday to close at just about the same level as it closed Monday. Now, in mid-day today, it's already lost *another* 750 on top of the losses Friday afternoon!

stupid politicians. We tell them we don't like the bill, they vote for it anyway, market still crashes just like they hadn't done a damn thing, only now the Fed has the freedom to add up to another $700bn to our national debt (assuming the banks go along with it, which some might not). grrrrrrr.
Tags: politics, topical

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