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Tuesday, 30.Sep.2008

13:52 - Posted using TxtLJ

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Stereotypes exist because some people genuinely act that way. :(


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Date:21:27 30.Sep.2008 (UTC)
This is unfortunate, but true.
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Date:0:23 01.Oct.2008 (UTC)
What I've always wondered at, do people act that way because stereotypes exist, or do stereotypes exist because people act that way? I think it is more the first than the second - people want so much to belong to a group, they mold themselves to an image that may not have existed prior to their embodiment of it... But either way, it is a little sad.
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Date:0:36 01.Oct.2008 (UTC)
It's true. Being that I myself am in some ways a stereotype, I have no explanation.

Update on razor: dude is taking a hiatus on honing work. He has recommended another guy, whom I have written to, but have not yet heard back from. I can't vouch for his work, as I haven't had anything honed by him, but the guy that did my honing says he does the same level of quality work. Do you want his contact info, when/if he gets back to me?

Or, my original offer to locate someone closer in Cali stands as well.
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