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Saturday, 13.Sep.2008

18:53 - Posted using TxtLJ

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Spore v1 is unplayable. I'm done with it till they fix the issues in space mode.


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Date:13:28 14.Sep.2008 (UTC)
the fact that I'm the only one around to deal with all sorts of bullshit. Pirates, attacking enemy ships, ecological disasters, needing to rebuild city defenses after an attack, needing to ferry the spice around looking for buyers, etc.

I am of the opinion that I shouldn't have to use a 'cheat code' to make the game playable. If they want all those little bullshit random events in the game they should at least recognize the inane nature of them and have an options area where you can turn them off. I would personally prefer the approach of letting us garrison a defense unit at each city and having them deal with the crap, since I acknowledge that this stuff will happen in a busy galaxy. Turning off the pirates entirely seems just as unrealistic as being the only person around to shoot them down.
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