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graphxgrrl got it from Jarrett, and I took it from her. - Lograh — LiveJournal

Friday, 26.Jul.2002

12:43 - graphxgrrl got it from Jarrett, and I took it from her.

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and I agree, today's official friday five is lame.

1. What was your favorite sugary breakfast cereal when you were a kid?
frosted shredded wheat. Yummy goodness.

2. Do you still eat that cereal now that you're grown up?
nope, now it's Total. Every week. I try to get Total Rasin Bran, but sometimes they are out, so it's normal Total. I would love to get Cracklin' Oat Bran, because it actually tastes best, but it's about $6 a box, and I've been known to go through a whole box in one day just about every time I get it. I can't afford that much, so I don't get it.

3. What flavor of Kellogs Pop Tart® do you buy?
I don't. They don't taste all that yummy to me.

4. Which Denny's® Slam® do you like best?
Er.. I don't know. I seem to recall them all having bacon or sausage, and because I eat neither of those, that pretty much rules out those breakfasts.

5. Which is your breakfast juice of choice?
Water. If I had my pick, though, and was actually in the mood for breakfast juice (a very rare occasion), I'd likely go for a cran-orange drink.


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Date:13:34 26.Jul.2002 (UTC)
small fucking world. I know Jarrett - used to work with him.
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Date:13:42 26.Jul.2002 (UTC)
Sacramento is a small town pretending to be a big one, every day I discover more people who know other people that I know... we just never knew. ;)

One of my favorite examples, the husband of a woman who works with myself and gravilim used to share a cubicle with our friend darkmoon.
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Date:14:35 26.Jul.2002 (UTC)
I personally like it like that. Whenever I talk about Sac, I say it's a big enough city where you can keep meeting new people, but small enough to where friendships can solidify.

Like old cheese or bread.
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