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how does one say this gracefully // socialization - Lograh — LiveJournal

Friday, 22.Aug.2008

17:24 - how does one say this gracefully // socialization

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I do believe I was asked out today. Sorta. Kinda. In a round-about way. I was approached by someone I chat with every so often, and she starts talking to me in rather conspiratorial tones asking what my name is. She then says that one of her co-workers was inquiring about me, and was wondering if I was single.

How do you say "I'm not interested in dating right now" gracefully? I mean, yeah I could just say that, but it sounds kinda curt. I managed to stammer out something along the lines of "Well, I am single and I'm very flattered and do please pass along my appreciation for the compliment, but I'm not looking for someone right now." I mean heck, the co-worker in question is certainly a pretty lady and seems like a nice enough person I might get along with (honestly, I've looked at her in the past as a potential relationship), but I'm not in a "relationship" space right now. And I know how hard it can be to ask someone out, and how embarrassing it can be if someone else does it for you (I doubt she was entirely okay with her co-worker doing that). But worse still would be the results of any relationship I get involved in right now. I'm in no shape for an intimate partner and I know this.

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