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Meditating when drowsy is dangerous // random - Lograh — LiveJournal

Wednesday, 20.Aug.2008

21:45 - Meditating when drowsy is dangerous // random

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I damn near fell over unconcious! My leg 'fell asleep' at the usual
twenty minutes in (that can't be healthy) and I almost followed suit
not long after. Had to jerk myself awake before I totally lost
balance and just decided that I was done for the evening.

I just keep adding more and more *stuff* that I want to do after work,
yet I still continue to spend 11 hours on campus (only about ten of
those are 'working'). This all leads to less time for sleep, which
makes me more drowsy, which makes it take longer to get through what I
want to do . . .

I just need to do less. And I'm sure there are plenty out there who
would say I should start with doing less at work.

But for now I'll start with going to bed.