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mmmmmm, tasty // quickie - Lograh — LiveJournal

Wednesday, 06.Aug.2008

8:18 - mmmmmm, tasty // quickie

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To all who like mochas, and spiced chocolate: You gotta try making a mocha with the Theo sipping chocolate. Even crappy espresso can't bring this drink down!


Date:17:18 07.Aug.2008 (UTC)
I'm not usually a fan of mochas, but I think I'm going to have to try that. Did you make the Theo's following the hot chocolate recipe or the iced chocolate recipe, or something else?
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Date:17:25 07.Aug.2008 (UTC)
I had made it the night before, so I used the iced recipe. Though thinking about it, even if you are making it fresh and warm, you'd still want the iced recipe since I imagine the hot would be too thick even with the added liquid from the espresso.
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