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dragonfly games // idle thoughts

Coming in to work this afternoon, I passed a mass of dragonflies buzzing over a grassy expanse. I greeted them as usual, and one of them paced me as I walked along the grass's edge. I got to thinking, wishing it a peaceful day, what kinds of games dragonflies play. Moreover, do they play games at all? I passed a few squirrels, and thought to myself how I have in the past observed squirrels exhibiting play-like behaviour. So I am assuming squirrels play games. Similarly, most of our mammalian pet species seem to play games. And of course, humans play games.

But do dragonflies? How far above "find food, find saftey, find mate" is the thinking of a dragonfly?

Do plants? They don't seem to move on their own, so I'm going to go out on a limb here (ha, ha! get it? limb? plants? ha! yeah, okay, it was lame.) and presume that they don't play games. Or at the very least, if they do play games those games are sufficiently far removed from anything we would recognize as such that we wouldn't consider them games.

But insects, and dragonflies in particular, do move. And react to their surroundings and one another in innovative ways. And I think they communicate somewhat, with pheromones and whatnot. Is this enough to play games with?
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