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*this=!good; - Lograh — LiveJournal

Thursday, 25.Jul.2002

7:59 - *this=!good;

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:( So, England has turned against me, and Russia seems intent on making me pay for earlier transgressions. I'm down to 4 now, but I get a build to help me prepare for the comming attack from the north.

Man, that NBR was the deciding factor in my game. I wish I had read this GMs houserules closer.


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Date:9:02 25.Jul.2002 (UTC)
What houserules is this? I'm not familiar with what an NBR is. Is that similar to an NMR?

Oh, I see...No Builds Reported?
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Date:12:18 25.Jul.2002 (UTC)
yup. he combined the fall retreats and adjustments into the same phase, and I was waiting for the retreats before I sent in my build, so he thought I NBRed and I was down a unit as a result.

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