Lograh (lograh) wrote,

Drink of the day last night was pretty nice.

It all started out with a craving for chocolate. I was growing a little tired of the fruity/berry drinks I'd been hitting as of late, and wanted to experiment with the new addition to my collection (Godiva Liquer) a bit. So, I grab the Godiva and after a moment's thought snag some of the Vanilla Vodka as well.

_TOO_ harsh. So, I grab the light rum and toss some of that in as well. It's drinkable, but still needs some smoothing out. So, I dump in a touch of Kaluha and try it.

Perfect. It wasn't till about my fourth taste of it that I realize I'm a few ingrediants (and a blender) short of a mudslide. Oh well, it was plenty nice as-is. I'll try making it again tonight (perhaps) and see if I can get the ratios fine-tuned.

Those who've watched me make drinks know that I'm not one for exact measurements, but I think it went something like this:

2 parts Vanila Vodka
1.5 parts Light Rum
1 part Godiva Liquer
.75 part Kaluha

Something like that. I'll be using the measuring cylindar tonight if I get around to making it again.

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