Lograh (lograh) wrote,

So, I finally got my pictures printed yesterday. I picked them up, and I must admit : I'm stunned.

the 4x6 is indistinguishable from film. 5x7 is equally high-quality. In fact, the 8x10 I had done is _DAMN_ close to film. I actually can't tell the differance between it and a film print, but because I'm not pro and not using a 30000x magnifing lens, I'm not going on record saying it's the exact same quality.

damn they are pretty, though. I now feel confident in saying that my little camera is good enough for up to 8x10 portrait work (as long as you don't get it under a microscope). Next month (after next paycheque) I'll have to get one pushed WAY up in size and see how bad the pixelation becomes and what the max tolerable size is.

8x10, though. damn. I never thought they would even go that large.
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